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About Us

Crafty Words is a platform that provides accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information to the online audience related to different niches in the current digital landscape.

From marketing to business, technology to health & fitness, you can get information related to different topics as per the latest trends. We aim to add real value to the life of online users who are looking to expand the horizon of their knowledge.

What Crafty Words is all about

In this digital age, people do an online search to find the answers to their questions. If you are among that people, then you have come to the right place.

Crafty words aim to provide correct and detailed information to curious online users who are always in search of something. Our knowledge-driven and high-quality content aim to contribute positively to your life, so with our accurate information, you can take the desired action accordingly.

About Badar Ahmed

Crafty Words was founded by Badar Ahmed, an experienced blogger and content creator.

Despite having an engineering background, Badar decided to pursue a career in the digital world as a content writer. He always had a knack for writing and evoking the right emotions by playing with words and using them wisely.

The natural ability to write pushed Badar to launch Crafty Words as a content-rich platform that can help people to get answers to their questions.

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