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7 Skills Required to be a Top Nurse

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Nursing is one of those professions that allows you to positively contribute to the lives of others. Nurses work as lifesavers as they are the ones who spend the most time with patients and keep an eye on their condition. They also help doctors to make informed decisions and take the proper steps for the recovery of patients. You should know about nurse skills to put on the resume that can help you accomplish your career goals and overcome obstacles in professional life.

As a nurse, you have to face different challenges daily. You can only overcome obstacles in professional life and establish yourself as a successful nurse by harnessing relevant skills.

Having the required set of skills is crucial to succeeding in the nursing career. It gives you an edge over other candidates and makes you eligible for top managerial positions.

Although high-level qualification is also mandatory but without the required skills, you cannot expect to achieve success in the nursing field.

Let’s find out what skills can help you become a top nurse without further ado.


It is crucial for nurses to have good speaking and listening skills, so they can convey and understand messages easily.

Any miscommunication can put the lives of patients at stake. Therefore, as a nurse, you need to work on communication that will enable you to fulfill your duties efficiently.

No matter which nursing position you work in, you have to go through massive chunks of data throughout your career.

For example, if you are a nurse practitioner, you have to gather the relevant information and communicate with relevant professionals accordingly. You also have to update the medical records of patients, so you should be able to interpret information correctly.

Other than communication, you need to develop all the required skills for a nurse practitioner position to become a successful and competent nurse.

It is also crucial to improve your verbal and non-verbal techniques while presenting or listening to the information. It will help you make your communication more efficient.

Furthermore, you should gain strong command over relevant and latest software. It can help you improve the flow of communication from your end in the healthcare setting. More importantly, you will be able to ensure effective communication with patients and their families.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking means you are capable of thinking intellectually and logically, which can help you make decisions with a clear mind. If you have critical thinking skills, then your professional worth as a nurse can increase because it impacts treatment outcomes and patient care.

Also, if you can think critically, you can better assess facts before jumping to the final conclusion. If you have any doubts and lack clarity, then you can face difficulties throughout your career.

If you take the example of forensic nursing, you will understand that it requires the ability of rational thinking. You need to have the capability of interpreting and evaluating to efficiently handle the evidence-collection procedures.

The same goes for all nurses, so you must practice critical thinking that will sharpen your mind and help you take the right calls according to situations.


If you have attributes like empathy, compassion, and kindness, the nursing profession is perfect for you. As a nurse, you are the most integral part of the medical journey of patients. Therefore, you must be able to feel what a patient is going through.

Also, successful nurses are non-judgmental and provide moral and emotional support to patients that positively impact the recovery process and patient outcomes.

The relationship between nurse and patient is based on mutual respect and trust. You are supposed to treat patients regardless of color, creed, or religion. No matter how ambitious you are, if you do not have empathy, then you will not make it far in your nursing career.


All aspiring nurses must understand that every day is not the same in this field. You will face different challenges daily, so you need to have the flexibility to adjust according to the demands of the situation.

For example, if there is a last-minute change in your shift schedule or treatment plan, then you should be able to deal with it. On the other hand, it is possible that paperwork can be late, so you need to have the flexibility to tackle the situation.

Time Management

Another critical skill that all aspiring nurses need to develop is time management. You have to be on time when there are many lives on the line.

Being a nurse, you have to learn to act quickly according to the demand of the situation. Also, you may deal with a busy schedule, so you have to prioritize tasks according to timelines.

Effective time management increases patient survival chances and improves the overall efficiency of healthcare staff members.

Hunger for Learning

As a nurse, you are supposed to learn continuously throughout your career. Healthcare careers specifically require dedication to lifelong learning. It allows you to advance in your career and open the gates to new opportunities for you.

Due to technological advancements, there is always something new that you have to catch up to as a nurse. Therefore, you need to stay on top of the latest nursing practices in the current fast-paced healthcare landscape. You should not miss any opportunity to participate in any training program that will help you expand the horizon of your nursing knowledge.

Mental and Physical Health Stability

Nurses have to work long shifts without taking any breaks which means which can take a toll on their mental and physical health. It can be a huge challenge, so you need to have strong nerves that can help you handle work pressure. Also, it will help you remain in a perfect mental and physical state.

Nurses must also develop emotional endurance, so they can control emotions and fulfill duties efficiently. Maintaining the right work-life balance is also essential if you want to avoid any physical or mental health issues.

To take care of your mind and body, you should get sufficient sleep, consume a healthy diet, do regular workouts, and perform meditation. With good physical and mental health, you can manage strenuous tasks efficiently.


Nursing is one of the most challenging professions that constantly requires you to stay on edge. To become a competent and successful nurse, you must develop the necessary skills. From communication to empathy, flexibility to time management, you must harness different skills. It will strengthen your professional profile and make you eligible for high-paying and top nursing positions.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand which skills you need to go far in your nursing career.

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